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Listed below are some examples of companies that GIBN helped to facilitate enter into the GCC markets in the last three years.

ADF Group - Canada http://www.adfgroup.com
Deka Interiors - Turkey http://www.dekainteriors.com
Yuksel – Turkey  http://www.yuksel.net
TEEX - Spain http://www.teex.es
Diez Cisneros - Spain  http://www.diezcisneros.com
Scott Group - England http://www.pallet.co.uk
Hudson Shribman - England http://www.hudson-shribman.co.uk
AIMMP - Portugal http://www.aimmp.pt
BOXYL - Netherlands http://www.boxyl.com
Dutch Industries - Netherlands http://www.dutchindustries.nl
Verpa Senco – The Netherlands  http://www.verpa-senco.com

Currently, many other business projects are being negotiated and/or in development process

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