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GIBN is committed to being a industry leader in business development solutions.  In order to ensure that our customers are working as productively and efficiently as possible, we have created comprehensive partner programs or initiatives designed to provide the highest level of service and support.
GIBN’s comprehensive network of Partners include:

Chambers of Commerce - Netherlands http://www.kvk.nl
WTC Alnovum - Netherlands http://www.wtcaa.alnovum.nl
Iber Business Group NW - Netherlands http://www.iber.info
A. Business Consultancy - Singapore http://www.advantage.com.sg
Aloysium Enterprises - England http://www.aloysiusonline.co.uk
C4 WW - USA http://www.c4worldwide.com
C4 MENA - UAE http://www.c4mena.com
UBS - England http://www.ub-solutions.net
PR Global Concept - Germany http://www.pr-global-concept.de

Additional partnerships with business development and consulting firms from other countries are in the process of being established.

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